Mamata Banerjee | Bhawanipore || Create an interesting slogan, start campaigning for Bhabanipur by-election Trinamool, you also listen …

#Kolkata: The Trinamool Congress (AITMC) has come to power for the third time in the state with the slogan ‘Bangla wants its own daughter’. This time around, a new slogan (TMC New Slogan Launched) has been created around the Bhawanipore by-election (Bhawanipore By Election 2021). The Trinamool is using this slogan as a tool for the by-elections in Bhawanipur constituency (Bhawanipore Constituency). For the time being, the Trinamool’s branch organization Joy Hind Bahini is launching a campaign based on this slogan from Monday. The mantra of the fight of the Trinamool branch organization ‘Jayhind Bahini’ is ‘Development in every house, daughter of every house in Bhabanipur.’ This is another echo of the slogan ‘Bangla wants its own girl’.

The date of the by-election has been announced. Voting will take place on September 30 in the Bhawanipur Assembly (Bhawanipore Constituency By Election 2021). The slogan has started spreading on the walls, street corners, hoardings, flex and through social media. Despite the construction of small hoardings, the campaign started in Bhabanipur area a few days ago. Mamata Banerjee won the 2011 by-elections and the 2018 general assembly elections from this center. In the 2021 elections, Sovandeb Chattopadhyay was the Trinamool candidate in Bhabanipur. Despite winning nearly 30,000 votes, he resigned from the Bhabanipur assembly seat on May 21. So the grassroots activists were already sure that Mamata would be the candidate again in this seat. So the campaign date was announced and the campaign started.

For the last 10 years, Mamata Banerjee has been sitting in the chair of the state’s administrative head after fighting from the Bhabanipur center next to her house. But in 2021, exceptional events have taken place. The Chief Minister voluntarily left the Bhabanipur center and fought from one of the most sensitive centers ‘Nandigram’. Long before the election bell rang in the state, Mamata herself had announced that she wanted to be a candidate in Nandigram. Standing from the ground of Nandigram, however, Bhabanipur also told how close it was. As soon as the by-election came up, Minister of State Shobhandev Chattopadhyay, who had won the Bhabanipur constituency by nearly 30,000 votes, immediately resigned as MLA and left the constituency for Mamata Banerjee. Everyone in the party wanted Namun Mamata to contest the by-election from Chena Bhabanipur. So a new slogan has been created for him.

However, the date for the by-elections in the remaining four seats in the state is yet to be decided. The Trinamool has approached the Election Commission more than once demanding a speedy announcement. The by-election may take place in mid-October. However, whenever that happens, the state ruling party is making good preparations. The candidate from Bhabanipur, the Chief Minister himself, will have to pay extra attention. This new slogan is proof of that.


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