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Mamata Banerjee: Chief Minister instead of Governor in the post of Acharya? Monday is an important day, there may be a lot of noise


#Kolkata: Acharya as Chief Minister instead of Governor. Not all university bills will be presented separately for him. For this, only one bill will be introduced in the assembly. The Department of Higher Education has decided to introduce a single bill combining the laws of each university. In 2016, in a similar vein, a single bill was introduced in the Legislative Assembly to amend the law on universities.

In exactly the same way this bill will be introduced tomorrow, Monday. This decision of the higher education department is with the consent of the law department. The power of the Governor is vested in the post of “Chief Minister” in the law of the University. The state is not walking on the path of any amendment. Once the bill is passed and becomes law, the law of each university will be amended separately by the Department of Higher Education.

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The state cabinet wants to remove the governor and see Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee as the chancellor of all government universities in the state. In this regard, the Cabinet has approved the earlier proposal. Apart from this, the cabinet has also approved the name of the chief minister as the principal of the state health, agricultural university, animal and fisheries university. Another proposal has been passed in the cabinet. That is, the Minister of Education will be the inspector of private universities.

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At present the Governor is the Chancellor of the Government Universities of the State. But recently, a committee of the cabinet recommended that the chief minister be made acharya instead of the old rule. However, some political observers believe that it will take some time for the matter to become law, even if it is approved by the cabinet. Because after getting the approval of the cabinet, this proposal has to be passed in the assembly first. That bill is going to be passed in the assembly on Monday. If passed in the assembly, the bill will go to the governor for signing. In other words, the governor himself has to take permission from the law to remove him from the post of principal of the state university. Experts estimate that the bill is likely to get stuck there.

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