Mamata Banerjee: ‘Chief Minister is Santa Claus to us’, ‘Another’ Christmas is celebrated at the foot of Gandhi statue!

#Kolkata: Day or night. The city was very busy. In the colorful light in the evening. From trees to street railings, everything seems to be ready for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The same picture was caught in the alleys of the city. From Santa Claus hats to clothes, from Christmas trees to various gifts, everything was arranged in the shops. In the familiar rhythm of the evening Park Street. Christmas. Merry Christmas, giving gifts to each other, cutting cakes, everything went on in town. Grandpa’s food from selfie. Noise.

Meanwhile, Christmas decorations can be seen all over the city. Somewhere hanging festoons, somewhere again colored paper chains. But not just Park Street, Tilottama celebrated Christmas with the warmth of winter. Eco to Nanan Park. From the zoo to Victoria. Various churches in the city. Rumbling Talk about Christmas. And in the midst of all this is an exceptional picture.

A group of teachers will be participating in a sit-in protest at the foot of the Gandhi statue near Mayo Road in Kolkata for several days. They also celebrated Christmas on Saturday. Organizing one ‘other’ Christmas on the stage of the movement. Celebrate Christmas on location stage. At the foot of the Gandhi statue, there are two organizations of teachers who are going to be agitating.

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The movement of the candidates listed in the ninth to twelfth level of the School Service Commission is going on. The agitators joined in the Christmas prayers by wearing Santa’s hats, cutting cakes, lighting candles and garlanding the image of Jesus. The language of protest in the face. Slogan demanding immediate recruitment. Christmas is the day when everyone is overjoyed. At that time, some of the teachers who were protesting on the sidewalks of the city handed out the leaflets of their sorrows, misery and demands to the people who were walking in the guise of gifts.

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They want Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to become a Santa Claus in their lives. They are on their way with this hope. Not one day, but now every moment is Christmas to us. Many of the protesters said. When will Santa Claus give the job of the agitators at Christmas?

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