Mamata Banerjee criticizes Congress in Jago Bangla: ‘Failed Congress against BJP, grassroots fighting!’ Mamata wrote in Jago Bangla

#Kolkata: Congress fails to defeat BJP Mamata Banerjee criticizes the Congress in this way. The Chief Minister has clearly written that the Trinamool has shown that it is possible to defeat the BJP in the Bengal elections (TMC). As a result, Mamata Banerjee has once again given the message that the opposition should unite in the interest of the country, not their numbers.

Mamata Banerjee criticizes Congress in Jago Bangla On the same day, he inaugurated the festival number 7 of Jago Bangla on Nazrul Mancha In the Delhi Post, the Chief Minister has devoted a large part to the failure of the Congress. Calling the BJP anti-Bengali, the chief minister claimed that the country wanted freedom from various anti-people policies and decisions of the central government. And in the Bengal elections, the grassroots have proved to the whole country that it is possible to defeat the BJP

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The Chief Minister wrote, ‘People all over the country were looking at the results of the Bengal elections They have seen how the BJP leaders of the whole country jumped After that, they realized that the combined strength of the BJP leadership could also be lost The model of this fight is Bangla 7 And the grassroots can do it ‘

The Chief Minister also claimed that the people of the entire country were relying on the grassroots the most in the battle for control of Delhi in 2024. “The people of the country demand that the fascist, authoritarian BJP be removed from the Delhi masnad,” he wrote. People’s hopes now revolve around the Trinamool Congress Beyond the borders of Bengal, now calls are coming from different states of the country. Come on Bengal is leading the way in building a new India.

However, despite attacking the Congress, the Chief Minister made it clear that he was not thinking of an opposition alliance excluding the Congress. After that, however, he also highlighted the failure of the Congress in its fight against the BJP Mamata Banerjee writes, “But the reality is that in the recent past, the Congress has failed to deal with the BJP at the Delhi court. The last two Lok Sabha elections are proof of that If there is no fighting in Delhi, the morale of the people will go down and the BJP will get more votes in the Lok Sabha elections in some states. That should not be allowed to happen at all. “

The Chief Minister also reiterated in his column that the grassroots is not thinking about the leadership of the opposition alliance At the same time, Trinamool leader advised the Congress to understand the real situation He reminded that the Trinamool had won the West Bengal elections by a wide margin against the BJP.

In the words of the Chief Minister, ‘What has happened in Bengal is history, a model The people of the country are relying on this model They are dreaming around the grassroots Trinamool BJP wants to continue with all the opposition But the model that people are excited about has to be presented to the people in an effective way.

Towards the end of the article, the Chief Minister reminded that at one time, the Trinamool had become the main face in the fight against the CPM. Comparing the fight against the CPM, the Chief Minister wrote, “That CPM today is weak, far from relevant. And over time, the Trinamool Congress has become the face of the real fight against the BJP This fact is established in the whole country. “

Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee have highlighted the failure of the Congress against the BJP in the last few days, starting with the Bhabanipur by-election battle. The Trinamool has also adopted a strategy of strengthening its organization by breaking up the Congress in various states. Political circles believe that the Trinamool has consciously adopted this strategy before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. So that the opposition alliance does not have to be driven by the conditions and decisions of the Congress as in the past

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