#Kolkata: Discussions started about who is going to sit in the top two positions of the municipality. Discussions started about who will be the chairman and vice chairman (West Bengal Municipal Board). The final decision has been taken after discussions at the organizational level. Although the final decision was made by the team’s top leadership (TMC). It was initially thought that the majority of elected municipal members who would vote for them could be placed at the top level of the municipality.

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However, the experience of the concerned member has been seen in the case of name selection (West Bengal Municipal Board). That is what the leadership is saying. It has been seen how much skill everyone has to work with. Opinions of local MLAs and MPs have also been taken. No unrest or factionalism will be tolerated in getting or not getting the post. The team made this message clear. Women will also get importance in the post of chairman in council of municipalities.

The names of those in charge of several municipalities have been announced since Monday afternoon. Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP and National Spokesperson Sukhendu Sekhar Roy said, “The Trinamool Congress in all the municipalities in the state has taken the decision with the approval of the state leadership party leader Mamata Banerjee. The appeal is that everyone will dedicate themselves completely to public service to meet the expectations of the city dwellers in their area. “

At the end of the meeting at Nazrul Mancha last week, it was made clear that the party has all the information. So the team will finalize the right person. The work of those who will be in charge will also be monitored regularly. According to Trinamool Congress sources, the party’s top leadership has held meetings with district presidents in several places. A list of names has been sent on their behalf. On the other hand, MPs and local MLAs have also sent a list of names. The team has made the final decision after looking at all these lists.

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However, whoever is the chairman or vice chairman, his image must be transparent. The Trinamool Congress will see how much experience he has in running the municipality. At present, the state government has undertaken several projects in the Pur area of ​​the state. The main goal is to provide drinking water and drainage in the house. Everyone is looking forward to working quickly for that purpose.

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