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Mamata Banerjee: ‘I will ease the problem, I will solve all the problems’, CM opened his mouth about the job


#Kolkata: The ruling party of the state has been accused of corruption in multiple cases including SSC. The High Court has ordered a CBI probe into one case after another. Even heavyweight ministers like Perth Chatterjee have been questioned by the CBI on corruption charges. In this situation, this time the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee attacked the BJP.

Standing in the assembly on Monday, he said, “They are filing a case against Perth Dar. What a joy! 16 thousand jobs will go. Case against Perth Dar? Eat 18 thousand jobs? Those who will go to work, will they go to the house of BJP leaders? I will not let anyone work. I find it difficult. I will solve all the problems. “

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This is not the end, when the Chief Minister is saying this, the BJP started showing massive protests. They also walk out. At the same time, the Chief Minister was heard to say, “People will bulldoze you in 2024. The army is being insulted. All this is being done not to serve the country before 24, but to create some BJP thugs. Give jobs to the student youth, I will keep it in my head.

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The Chief Minister added, “I have not eaten a single person’s job, nor will I eat. Can’t give a job, eat a job? The right to make mistakes is also a right. Vivekananda says. If 100 mistakes are made in giving one lakh jobs, then I have to give a chance to correct them. ‘ Didn’t give any. The remarks of a BJP spokesperson caused a stir across the country. This has never happened before. 4 years later they are not army, they got an arms with arms training. It is an insult to the army. I respect the Army. The center is creating armed thugs of BJP by fire. 24 is coming up, then it will be needed. “

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