#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee (Mamata Banerjee in Bhabanipur) took the campaign by storm in Bhabanipur. Recognized confidence was caught in the words. There is a spirit of coexistence of all nations, all religions, all castes in this Bengal, that is the message for the general public.

BJP candidate Priyanka Tibrewal was campaigning from house to house in Bhabanipur on Thursday morning. Mamata took to the field in the afternoon. Mamata Banerjee in a public relations program in 72 wards. From there he said, “I want our Gujaratis, Marwaris, Punjabis all to live together. This is my homeland, my workplace, my motherland.”

Needless to say, Mamata also has her own social engineering. Because he knows Bhabanipur like the palm of his hand. People of all religions, all castes, all nations have been living here for decades. Because of this spirit, many call Bhabanipur Mini India. Mamata Banerjee wanted to capture the strength of that unity. In Mamata’s words today, Bengal will save the country in the future. Observers say the BJP’s defeat in the Assembly polls has paved the way for Mamata Banerjee’s defeat. At the same time, Mamata is opposing polarization and is able to project herself at the all-India level. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. Besides, I don’t want any publicity of his message. I don’t want anyone bad. His message to the BJP government at the Center is to sell everything. Rail, sail all. They do nothing. Just talk big and lie.

The message of the daughter of the candidate house for the purpose of Bhabanipur residents, you stay well. First my country, then me. Look at your blood, look at my blood. All one. You see how peaceful Bengal is.

Highlighting the development agenda of Bengal, Mamata further said that business has stopped everywhere. See in Bengali, everything is going on. The Chief Minister also gave statistics on the success of vaccination. According to him, more than 80 percent have been vaccinated. None of those who have taken covacin can go out.

Mamata Ubach on the schedule of the recent foreign visit of the Prime Minister, I have no objection to you going. But I was invited to Rome, I can’t go. Arrange for Kovacin to be recognized in Europe.

-Input Abir Ghoshal

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