#Kolkata: Sushmita Dev became the Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP (Rajyasabha MP) without contest. Sushmita Dev is a Rajya Sabha MP from Bengal on a Trinamool Congress ticket. The BJP did not field any candidate against him. Naturally, Sushmita Deb won easily without any opposition.

After receiving her credentials as a Rajya Sabha MP on Monday, Sushmita stood in the assembly and said, “BJP’s opposition in Parliament will intensify. I will highlight the situation in Assam, Tripura-Bangla and the whole of North-East India. ”

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Susmita Deb, who was elected MP (Rajyasabha MP) on the day, said, “I was elected to the Bengal Legislative Assembly as a girl from Assam. I have been doing politics there for a long time. I like being elected MP for Bengal. I will do whatever the party tells me to do.” But my goal is to talk about Assam, Tripura and Bengal. I also want to talk about farmers, working people. “

After being elected as a Rajya Sabha MP (Rajyasabha TMC MP), Susmita Deb sharply criticized the Chief Minister of Assam (Assam CM) Biplab Deb. Criticizing Biplob Deb’s recent remarks, Sushmita Deb said, “The kind of talk a Chief Minister is saying is not only bad, it is obscene.” We are already thinking of taking it to court. This will be discussed in the team today. “

Susmita Deb, on the other hand, said that former Goa Chief Minister and veteran Congress leader Luisinho Faleiro has speculated about joining the grassroots. “Why the Congress is in this situation today is a matter of debate. But people are relying on Mamata Banerjee as an alternative force.”

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It may be mentioned that at the end of July, Sushmita Dev joined the Trinamool holding the hand of Abhishek Banerjee, the All India General Secretary of the Trinamool. Ghasful Shibir has given him the responsibility to spread the organization in Tripura. This time Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee sent him as an MP to the Rajya Sabha.

After receiving the certificate of victory from the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly, Sushmita launched a scathing attack on the BJP. In his words, “Modi government does not give importance to the opposition in the parliament. Parliamentary customs do not mean. No bill goes to the standing committee, no debate is allowed. I will protest against such behavior of theirs. I will fight shoulder to shoulder with other Trinamool MPs in the Rajya Sabha. ”

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