#Kolkata: He was the leader of the Naxal movement. In the 80’s, the Naxalbari movement was heard all over the country. It was a battle of ideals. And the birthplace of that fight was Naxalbari. The Naxalite leader who once jumped into the movement to establish the rights of the peasantry, is alleged to be occupying Kanu Sanyal’s house today. As soon as the news reached the ears, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee gave strict instructions.

Speaking at an administrative meeting in Navanna on Wednesday, the chief minister said, “Kanu Sanyal is a very senior man. He was the leader of the Naxal movement. I can’t support his ideal, but why should his house be occupied? ‘ Immediately, Mamata Banerjee directed the local administration to take the matter seriously. At the same time, he said, if he is in possession, then necessary legal action must be taken.

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Incidentally, Kanu Sanyal has been living in a small tin shed since 1989 after his release from jail. On one side of that house was the party office and on the other side was the inner house of the movement. Allegedly, the back of the house with the memory is being occupied. Dipu Haldar, Darjeeling district secretary of CPI (ML) founder general secretary Kanu Sanyal’s organization, said they could not accept that the land of Kanu Sanyal’s house would be occupied.

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Siliguri and adjoining areas have long been accused of occupying government land. Various chakras are also working on this. The matter has also reached the ears of the Chief Minister. Even before this, the Chief Minister has repeatedly expressed his displeasure over the issue. This time Mamata Banerjee opened her mouth about the same issue in the context of Kanu Sanyal’s house.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said, ‘They are occupying the land and building a bridge. BDO, IC, SP are watching? You do not hear the news? There are various conspiracies in Siliguri. Land grabbing has become a routine there. Whatever it is, strict action must be taken. “

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