#Kolkata: The focus of the Trinamool (TMC) is now on national politics The ruling Trinamool Congress (KMC Elections 2021) is currently confident about the results of the Assembly elections and the by-elections. However, the grassroots top leadership is reluctant to give up. That is why Trinamool leader and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself is campaigning in the run-up to the Kolkata polls. Even Abhishek Banerjee, the party’s all-India secretary, will campaign in support of the party’s candidates.

According to the Trinamool Congress, Mamata Banerjee will hold three rallies in different parts of the city to campaign for the by-elections. That propaganda episode is starting from this day. After returning from Goa on Wednesday, the Chief Minister will hold a public meeting in support of the North Kolkata candidates at Phulbagan He will hold a rally in support of the South Kolkata candidates on Thursday at Behala and Bagha Jatin.

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Meanwhile, Abhishek Bandyopadhyay is also going to campaign in Kolkata pre-poll this time. However, he will not hold any public meeting. On the contrary, the all-India general secretary of the road show party in support of the party candidates Tomorrow, Abhishek will do a road show from Posta Bazar to Bank of India on Thursday. Trinamool candidates from North Kolkata will be with him. He will do this road show in support of the candidates in wards 22 to 51 of North and Central Kolkata.

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By the way, there are only a few days left in the campaign for Kolkata Pur election. Therefore, the Trinamool Congress has taken special strategy to create a storm in the campaign for the last Lagna. The Trinamool is promoting the celebrities with whom the public meets on the television screen every day. Trinamool had given tickets to more than one star in the last assembly polls. Many of them have won and become MLAs. Despite losing the election battle, there are also stars in the grassroots who are handling organizational responsibilities. All those star legislators-organizers are also stepping in to campaign for the Kolkata Pur polls. Soham Chakraborty, Kanchan Mallick, Trina Saha, Lovely Maitra, Saini Ghosh, and even Ditipriya Roy, popularly known as Rani Rasmoni, are seen campaigning for Trinamool candidates.

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