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# Amit Sarkar, Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee visited the house of slain couple Ashok and Rashmita Shah in Bhabanipur. On the same day, the Chief Minister returned to Bhabanipur from North Bengal and met the family members of Ashok and Rashmita Shah. He consoled the couple’s daughter and family members

The Chief Minister was accompanied by Kolkata Police Commissioner Binit Goel Both the chief minister and the police commissioner later claimed that an acquaintance was probably involved in the brutal killings.

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The house of the Chief Minister is a short distance from the place where the twin murders took place in Bhabanipur. The MLA of the area is also the Chief Minister On this day, the Chief Minister also mentioned the area as his own neighborhood The Chief Minister claimed that it was not possible to enter the house and kill in this manner without anyone known in the area

On this day, Mamata Banerjee met the table and youngest daughter of the slain couple Shah also spoke with other relatives of the couple He also spoke to the Commissioner of Police about the progress of the investigation The chief minister later told reporters, “Probably someone familiar with the matter has done this.” 6 have taken advantage of the wheel The police commissioner spoke to me on the day of the incident, because I was in North Bengal The police investigation has also gone a long way 99 percent investigation is completed Hopefully the culprits will be caught soon. ‘ The Chief Minister further said, “Such an incident has never happened in our area.” We want to be as peaceful as ever. “

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Agreeing with the Chief Minister, Police Commissioner Binit Goel also said that there was a possibility of an acquaintance behind the incident. Police are also using technology to identify the culprits However, neither the chief minister nor the police commissioner wanted to elaborate on the progress of the probe.

According to the chief minister, the youngest daughter of the Shah couple lived in the same flat with her father and mother Now he has to be kept with a relative The family members will decide to talk about it among themselves

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