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Mamata Banerjee on Agneepath: BJP is forming cadre in the name of army, Mamata Banerjee on ‘Agneepath’


#Kolkata: This time, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee roared about the Centre’s Agnipath project. The Trinamool has already set the tone for this project of the Center. This time the Chief Minister directly attacked the Modi government. Speaking on the occasion, he said, “The four-year job in the Agnipath project is not an army job. It was not announced by the army, it was announced by the Union Home Ministry. BJP wants to form its own cadre before 2024 in the name of four years of service.

Opposition groups called for a boycott of the Agnipath project and the future of Agnibir. The India Bandh is also being celebrated across the country on Monday. At the same time, standing in the assembly, Mamata said, “No one knows what will happen after four years of service. But everyone got a gun license! The whole country is playing with fire like this. “Mamata added,” This is an insult to the army. “

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Mamata also opened her mouth on the allegation of corruption in the appointment of teachers in the assembly. He said, “If 100 mistakes are made while giving one lakh jobs, then I have to give a chance to correct. The right to make mistakes is also a right. I have not eaten a man’s job, nor will I eat. Can’t give a job, eat a job? In 2024, people will bulldoze you. “

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Incidentally, during Mamata’s speech, BJP leaders led by Shuvendu walked out of the assembly. Everyone walked out to give the Trinamool government the voice of ‘bribe-taking government, no more is needed’. They marched towards the statue of Shyamaprasad along Red Road with the banner of celebrating June 20 as West Bengal Day.

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