Mamata Banerjee on Bhabanipur By Election: Amej is changing Bhabanipur Two generals in the opposite house

#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee on Bhabanipur By Election Mamata Banerjee on Bhabanipur By Election Mamata Banerjee on Bhabanipur By Election The remaining 10 days of the Bhabanipur Assembly by-election (Bhabanipur By Election). The next 7 days will be an opportunity to campaign. And throughout this week, the Trinamool Congress (TMC) wants to take the campaign by storm. Mamata Banerjee (Mamata Banerjee on Bhabanipur By Election) is scheduled to attend a small meeting from tomorrow till the 26th for public relations. Abhishek Banerjee is also campaigning in Bhabanipur. Besides, many people including Firhad, Perth, Subrata will go from house to house

The real goal is to increase margins. To clarify the position of the team in front of Mini India which is Bhabanipur before 2024. Tomorrow, on the 21st, Mamata Banerjee will be campaigning on Ibrahim Road in Ekbalpur. He will campaign on the 22nd at Ahindra Mancha in Chetla, on the 23rd at the junction of Chakraberia North and Padmapukur Roads, on the 25th he will hold a rally in front of Colin Lane and Shakespeare Street police station. He will end his campaign on the 27th at Harish Mukherjee Road in his neighborhood.

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Trinamool sources said that no procession or road show can be held in Kovid situation. So Mamata Banerjee will take care of public relations from small meetings. Abhishek Bandopadhyay is also in the campaign. According to sources, Abhishek will be present in Bhabanipur after completing his political program in Tripura and Murshidabad campaign. He will also be present in the campaign at the end of the week Besides, the rest of the leaders who have been given the responsibility, they will also preach from house to house. Firhad Hakim will coordinate with all the wards with additional responsibilities. BJP’s duo Shuvendu Adhikari and Arjun Singh want to go door to door in the campaign for the last Lagna. BJP MP Arjun Singh said, “Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee are campaigning like this. They are not so sure about winning. Wherever the chief ministerial candidate is, there will be a silent vote. People will vote quietly. People in Bhabanipur see him once again in Nandigram.” They were forced to return to Bhabanipur. They have to vote for it again. And if Lakshmi’s Bhandar and her health partner have done so much, then why are so many ministers campaigning? ” The grassroots, however, did not stop mocking. Trinamool leader Kunal Ghosh said, “The more they campaign in Bhabanipur, the more we benefit. People will call them traitors again. The more people see their faces, the more our votes will increase.” Despite the by-elections, the ‘Mini India’ campaign has been gaining momentum across Bhabanipur.

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