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Mamata Banerjee on Chhath Puja inauguration message of all religion faith and peace | I have kept the vow of Chhat, I will send Thekuya: Mamata – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Wanting to eat Thekuya, like many ordinary believers, he has also taken vows, said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at the inauguration of Chhatpujo on Tuesday. Besides, he warned to follow the rules of Kovid on the day of festival.

Mamata Banerjee said, “Congratulations to all those who perform Chhat Pujo and those who help. Chhat Pujo has now become Mahashat Pujo.

After that, the Chief Minister said, “I also keep my vows. I have been drinking only tea since morning. That pujo is performed in Gangasagar. Peace be upon all. Your social welfare family is sending this message to the whole country.”

Fearing the novice women, the Chief Minister said, “The administration and the police are all with you. I will tell the police to go miking. So that everyone worships quietly. Let’s all go together. I have been coming here for 20 years. Send. Everyone stay well. I am keeping virtual contact with many ghats. Soil connection with all these areas. Ever since I became the parliament of Jadavpur. Before there were no lights in the ghats. We tried to fix them. I built the ghat in Calcutta. “

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With the message of inter-religious harmony, Mamata’s message is, “Chhat Pujo is a big festival for us. Bengali does not give less importance to Chhat. We have given leave for two days. We used to give leave one day before.

Going into context, Mamata says that she too has taken vows for Chhat Pujo since yesterday. Here comes the topic of Ganesh Pujo which has become increasingly popular. He said, “Ganesha is worshiped a lot in Bengal now. 3 million visitors come to Gangasagar. We have done a lot of development in Gangasagar now.

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Most of the people who celebrate Chhat Utsav are Hindi speaking. Mamata knows very well. So at the end he said, “Because of my own inability. His statement about Hindi pronunciation, I may have a mistake in Hindi. Forgive me if there are one or two mistakes. Don’t argue.”

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