#Kolkata: His popularity on Facebook may be the cause of jealousy of big stars Even, there is a pair of biopics about him Saying anew how colorful Madan Mitra is means waste of words There are so many colors of Madan Mitra that even the Chief Minister did not ignore them Mamata Banerjee called Madan a ‘colorful boy’ in a light mood at the Chetla workers’ meeting on Wednesday. Mamata’s advice to the Kamarhati MLA was, “Don’t dress too much.”

On this day, the Trinamool leader was explaining the responsibility of Bhabanipur by-election to the party leaders from the Chetla workers’ meeting. Although he is the MLA of Kamarhati, Madan Mitra is a long time resident of Bhabanipur Mentioning that, the Chief Minister said, ‘Madan, you are the oldest boy in the area You will see it as your own The next day I was looking at the dhoti – Punjabi was standing behind, you will see it that way But don’t overdo it. ” After hearing this remark of the Chief Minister, laughter started among the grassroots leaders and workers

However, Mamata said after this, ‘Madan is a little colorful boy Sometimes it becomes a little too colorful The more colorful it is, the more it becomes a problem. ‘ While the Chief Minister was speaking, a section of grassroots activists from the audience started talking about Madan Mitra’s song and Lovely. It also reaches the ears of the Chief Minister “I know everything,” Mamata smiled.

Mamata Banerjee had once warned Madan about Facebook Live in a party meeting after the relevant assembly elections. However, on this day, the Chief Minister praised Madan’s colorful image It remains to be seen whether Madan will do ‘color control’ following the advice of the team leader

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