Mamata Banerjee: ‘She quit her job because she wants to be a grassroots’, Mamata Banerjee

#Kolkata: Trinamool Congress spokesperson ‘Jago Bangla’, he spread the rumors from the time he wrote the column. My father has been involved in leftist politics all his life. There was even a Prime Minister in the Left era. The daughter of the late Left leader Kshitij Goswami has now become a candidate on the Trinamool Congress ticket in the Kolkata municipal elections. The Trinamool has fielded Bashundhara Goswami, daughter of former state minister Kshitij Goswami, from ward 97 in Kolkata Pur area. And in the last days of the pre-poll campaign, Trinamool leader Mamata Banerjee was full of praise for Bashundhara.

On Thursday, Mamata went to Baghayatin to campaign for the Kolkata by-elections. At the beginning of her speech, the Trinamool leader asked Kshitij Goswami’s daughter Bashundhara to come forward. He said, “You take off your mask and come forward. She is the daughter of Kshitij Goswami. Who used to work in the office. But the Trinamool Congress has quit its job because it wants to be with the people. I have done a lot for him in the assembly polls. “

However, speaking about the new generation of Trinamool, the Trinamool leader said, “Many new children have joined our party. Some are doctors, some are engineers, some are drivers, some are rickshaw pullers. Our team with everyone. When a tree has flowers or fruits, everyone has to share. Everyone has to move on. ” However, Mamata Banerjee’s praise of Kshitij Goswami’s daughter has caught the eye separately.

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Bashundhara Goswami was involved in student politics. But Bashundhara, a meritorious student, probably widened the distance as she could not adapt to left politics. After that, there were rumors about him from the time he started writing in ‘Jago Bangla’. That speculation came to an end this time when the list of Trinamool Congress candidates was published in the Calcutta pre-poll. Former Minister for Public Works RSP leader Kshitij Goswami passed away on November 24, 2019. Since then, the grassroots relationship with Bashundhara has gradually strengthened.

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Incidentally, the daughter of former CPIM state secretary Anil Biswas was given a show cause notice when she was holding a pen in Trinamool Congress spokesperson Jago Bangla. Even at that time, Bashundhara Goswami, daughter of Kshitij, described the CPI (M) ‘s position on Ajanta as’ Stalinist behavior’. That Bashundhara is the Trinamool candidate this time.

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