Mamata Banerjee: Target Amit Shah, Mamata Banerjee reveals the reason for her visit to Delhi!

#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee once again roared at the arrest of Trinamool youth leader Saini Ghosh on Sunday in the wake of a series of attacks on the Trinamool Congress in Tripura. Trinamool All India General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee has already reached Tripura. On the other hand, Mamata Banerjee is going to Delhi this afternoon. On the same day, the Trinamool is protesting in the North Block, the home ministry of Union Home Minister Amit Shah. And that protest that Mamata Banerjee is the brainchild of, it also became clear today.

Mamata Banerjee said, “Everyone is watching what is happening in Tripura. There is no democracy in Tripura. Where is the Human Rights Commission now? The Supreme Court has given instructions regarding Tripura. Despite that, that instruction is not being obeyed. Our MPs have been seeking the time of the Home Minister since yesterday. But time was not given. “The Chief Minister then added,” I forbade him (Amit Shah) to stay in front of his house. Home Minister of the BJP. He is still in a chair. “

Talking about his visit to Delhi, the Chief Minister said, “I am going to talk about the BSF issue. I will not allow you to grab anything by force. I forbade. I respect the BSF. I will have a meeting with the Prime Minister tomorrow. We will discuss BSF and other issues. “

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Speaking on the occasion, Mamata Banerjee said, “I am going to meet the MPs from the airport. I will not join the dharna. What is going on in Uttar Pradesh is also going on in Tripura. The attack took place at the police station. BJP does not vote in the state.

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Regarding the arrest of the party’s youth leader, the Trinamool leader said, “I have talked to Saini. Many of their leaders have come to us. We did not stop. How much was used here. This time I will also talk about the Tripura issue. The center wants to seize power. But I will not let that happen. “

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