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Mamata Banerjee | Tarun Majumdar: On the way to Nabanna, suddenly the Chief Minister in SSKM! Why? The buzz started in various quarters


#Kolkata: Seriously ill legend director Tarun Majumder. He was admitted to SSKM Hospital for several days. Sick veteran director due to aging due to kidney problems. Tollywood worried about his illness. In this situation, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee went to SSKM Hospital on Thursday to check her health. Sources said that at the moment, he is seeking information from the doctors about the physical condition of director Tarun Majumdar. The Chief Minister visited SSKM Hospital before leaving for Nabanna on that day.

Meanwhile, doctors have decided not to open the oxygen tube in the throat of the young Majumdar on Wednesday. The medical board decided that oxygen would be given in the same way for the time being. His demand for oxygen has decreased a bit since yesterday. Blood pressure is also under control. However, the obsession of the young Majumdar has increased a lot. Which is worrying the doctors.

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Currently in critical condition of young Majumdar. He has a number of problems due to his age. Absolutely not able to eat. So he is being fed with rice tube. A tube has been inserted in the throat so that there is no problem in supplying oxygen to the body. The main concern of the doctors now is the age of the youngsters and the possibility of infection.

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Incidentally, the director has been suffering from kidney problems for the last 22 years. He was admitted to SSKM’s Woodburn ward last week mainly with kidney problems. In addition to kidney problems, the veteran director had a lung infection, which also led to heart failure. He is being monitored by a five-member medical team led by physician Somnath Kundu, physician Soumitra Ghosh, nephrologist Arpita Roychowdhury, cardiologist Saroj Mandal and neuro medicine physician Biman Roy.

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