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Mamata Banerjee: Who is such a great leader? Rudramurti Mamata in Howrah! In this context, the Chief Minister is so angry …


#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made such remarks in front of leaders, ministers and administrative officers when she came to Howrah for an administrative meeting. And in the context in which the Chief Minister has to make such remarks, it has caused quite a stir in the state politics. At an administrative meeting in Howrah district on Thursday, the chief minister complained that it was too late to get land for industry. In this context, the purpose of the Secretary of the Land Reforms Department Mamata Banerjee said, “There are many who are deliberately delaying.”

However, the Chief Minister did not stop there. Talking about this procrastination, Mamata Banerjee said, “Before, there was a United Clearance System. But why is it closed now? At whose direction was it stopped? Who do I see such a great leader? It’s been two years, but it’s still late. If so, what will be the industry? “

From today’s meeting, the Chief Minister has given a strong message about Howrah Industrial Park. He has also set a deadline to cut the land which is the main problem. He informed that Synergy will be held on December 14 in Howrah. Before that all the land problems have to be solved. Addressing the party leadership, he said, “I will not tolerate any more problems with investment.”

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Incidentally, the Chief Minister had expressed his displeasure over the work of the Public Works Department in Madhyamgram yesterday. He also expressed his excitement that the Public Works Department is a Heldol office. Then again today he was vocal about the land issue in Howrah district. He also took the record of development of Howrah district from today’s meeting. He also took a report to the administrative officers about the remaining work in Howrah.

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Mamata Banerjee has highlighted the industry with her statistics. He said that Tk 10,480 crore is going to be invested in Howrah in the next two years. That is why the work of Howrah Industrial Park should be completed within the next 5 years, the Chief Minister said. He also instructed the officials to work like that. In the presence of the Chief Minister, the investors have raised the issue of land. After that he gave a strong message for the purpose of party leadership. At the same time, the Chief Minister said, there will be a fire station in the industrial park. This industrial park is supposed to create 1 lakh 16 thousand jobs in Howrah district.

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