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Mamata Banerjee won Bhabanipur By Election 2021 | Mamta’s six black horses, the winner of Bhabanipur, this time a new race has started …


#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee wins Bhabanipur by Election 2021 | Mamata Banerjee wins Bhabanipur By Election 2021 | But not just him. Joy is the 6th person who practically took the test once again from the side of Mamata Banerjee.

In the Bhabanipur By-Election, the Trinamool Congress had said that this vote was actually a vote to make their position clear to the people of the country before 2024. Today, the smiles of those six people show that they are ready for the fight 2024. The first name of these fighters is Firhad Hakim. Minister, MLA of two departments of the State, Chairman of the Administrative Council of Calcutta Municipality. Despite all this, he has been campaigning in Bhabanipur every day from morning till night for the last one month. Door to door in the morning. The meeting was held in the afternoon. But Mamata’s ‘Bobby’ did not leave the stage. Bobby was naturally happy to see the fruit that day. He says it was Mamata’s vote as much as it was. That was exactly my vote. Whoever we face, knowing that we will be able to campaign for Mamata Banerjee’s vote There has been a lot of slander. Many false allegations have been made. He brought more than one leader from the center and continued the campaign. But the people of Bhabanipur know that Mamata Bandopadhyay is the daughter of their house.

One of the contributors to this vote of the daughter of a house in Bhabanipur is Shobhandev Chatterjee. Leaving his winning seat for Mamata Banerjee, he is fighting from scratch. All the top leaders of the party including Mamata Banerjee have expressed their gratitude to him. On this day, the Agriculture Minister of Mamata’s cabinet said, “I am most happy today. Because I voted for Mamata. We are all here. But Mamata is the daughter of the house. Bhabanipur pulled the girl of the house.”

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Another minister, Perth Chatterjee, has been busy campaigning for the Bhabanipur polls. The party secretary general said, “The people of Bhabanipur once again responded face to face. Bengal is not for foreigners. Bengal cannot tolerate slander, lies and unrest. This election made it clear.” Has analyzed haircuts every day since. He has been busy in campaigning for the elections.

He went door to door, went to the multi-storey building and completed the campaign and marched again. He is Minister Subrata Mukherjee. After the result out, veteran politician Subrata Mukherjee said, “Those who do not understand politics. Those who have no idea about the Bengali vote. Those who do not stand by the people. How will they understand? The answer we get today will explain it to us tomorrow.”

The most eye-catching ward in Bhabanipur was 60. This ward was called Mini Gujarat. Because a lot of people from Gujarat live here. And this is where MLA Debashish Kumar has been campaigning. He also has a role in this result. “People know Mamata Banerjee. We are her soldiers. We are the only ones who have explained the danger to the people. And people know Mamata Banerjee. So the BJP’s rate was written on the wall,” he said.

Vaishwanar Chatterjee has handled the election responsibility from the goal. Tears came to his eyes after the result was out that day. He was the chief electoral agent of Mamata Banerjee Today he is just saying, “We have done it. This time we will do it in 2024.”

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