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#Kolkata: News of the governor’s clash with the chief minister is nothing new in the state Only time will tell whether that chapter ended, but state politics witnessed a new episode of courtesy between Mamata Banerjee and Jagdeep Dhankhar on Monday. The Chief Minister proposed to the Governor to go abroad to attract investment in Bengal The Governor has accepted the proposal

Just a few months ago, Jagdeep Dhankhar clashed with the state government and the ruling party over post-poll violence. He even advised the Chief Minister to follow the state religion on various issues Mamata Banerjee has raised her voice about the neutrality of the counter governor

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The Chief Minister and the Governor were present on the occasion at the Vijay Sammilani organized by the state government. The Biswa Bangla Global Summit is set to resume next year after a two-year hiatus due to coronary heart disease. The international trade conference will be held on April 20 and 21 next year, said Chief Secretary HK Dwivedi. The announcement was made on behalf of the state in front of industrialists and dignitaries at the Vijaya Sammilani Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said, “The state government is keen to attract investment for Bengal. We want the governor to go abroad and try to bring in investment. “

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This proposal of the Chief Minister was welcomed by Governor Jagdeep Dhankhad Praising the state, he said, “It is a very good proposal Bengal is rising 6 It would be great if we could work together for the development of Bengal I will do everything I can as governor. ‘

In the past, however, the state assembly has witnessed courtesy between the governor and the chief minister The Chief Minister also appeared at the Raj Bhavan to meet the Governor But that courtesy was temporary It remains to be seen whether the Chief Minister’s proposal to attract investment for the state will change the Governor-Chief Minister’s identity equation.

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