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#Kolkata: A few decades of relationship 6 To many, he is a political guru While recalling Subrata Mukherjee, various unknown stories were heard in the assembly from the ruling and opposition MLAs. From Perth Chatterjee, Manas Bhuiyan to Shuvendu Adhikari – Subrata Mukherjee has been turned upside down by many.

Partha Chatterjee shares memories with Subrata Mukherjee – Partha Chatterjee shares memories with Subrata Mukherjee Partha Chatterjee, recalling a few decades ago, said, ‘Today we have to say something about Subrata and his seat cannot be considered empty. I never thought I would do politics. I am hanging out in Nakatala. Shovandevda got down from the taxi and said will you do student council? ‘ That is the source of Perth Chatterjee’s acquaintance with Subrata Mukherjee While talking about the memory, the words of Priya-Subrata pair also came up in the words of the Industries Minister He said, ‘Subratada used to live above the Jeevandar ration shop in Ekdalia at that time Two things float in front of my eyes Priyoda and Subrata used to come to Basushree Cinema to hang out with Montudar. Food used to come from the spring cabin. ‘

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Acknowledging the contribution of Subrata Mukherjee in political life, Perth Chatterjee said, ‘No one knew when Priyada-Subrata would do what. How many words I remember. At every step of my life, I was involved in the student movement with Subrata. I listened to what he said. I may not have been able to say many things to Subrata. I told Baudi. It is difficult to find such a woman. May Baudi be well. ‘

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Not only was he a political guru, but Subrata Mukherjee became one of his family members, the Industries Minister said. Perth Chatterjee said, ‘Subrata was not just a guru of politics. Was the elder of the house. Mother died. How long did he stay at home? Spoke. I don’t know if you will leave in four months! ‘ Reminiscing, Perth Chatterjee further said, “After getting charge of the Home Department, Subrata arranged for the release of many Naxalite jails. He used to say to me, ‘Mamata, poor girl, let her get up.’ Without a fighting leader, a fighting leader is not created. Struggle is not created. The movement is not created.

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