Mamata will visit four districts at the same time

#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is going on a district tour in preparation for the Kolkata municipal elections. Mamata Banerjee will visit four districts simultaneously from December 6 to 7 There are three in North Bengal and one in South Bengal

According to sources, the Chief Minister will arrive in Malda on December 6 in the afternoon. He will spend the night in Malda district on that day. Mamata Banerjee will hold an administrative meeting at Gangarampur in South Dinajpur at 1 pm the next day. After that, the Chief Minister will come to Raiganj from 3 pm and hold an administrative meeting with Uttar Dinajpur district Mamata Banerjee will return to Malda at night after the administrative meeting of the two districts

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The Chief Minister will hold a meeting with Malda district administration at one o’clock the next day After that meeting he will move to Murshidabad He will take part in the administrative meeting of Murshidabad district in Behrampur from 4.30 pm. The Chief Minister was scheduled to return to Kolkata that night.

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According to sources, Mamata Banerjee can inaugurate several new projects from the administrative meetings of the four districts The state government plans to phase out voting in other municipalities in the state soon after the Kolkata municipality. Earlier, the Chief Minister’s visit was to speed up the government work

However, after returning from the district tour, the Chief Minister will take part in several campaigns in support of the party candidates in the by-elections in Kolkata, according to Trinamool sources. Mamata Banerjee is scheduled to hold several meetings centrally by connecting multiple wards

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