#Kolkata: The state government’s International Industrial Conference 7 is starting from today at the Bishwa Bangla Convention Center in New Town Earlier in the day, BJP all-India co-president Dilip Ghosh toured the land earmarked for Newtown’s proposed Silicon Valley. The BJP leader also took pictures of vacant lands in Silicon Valley He also took pictures of the huge hoardings with pictures of Mamata Banerjee

The World Bengal Trade Conference is being organized in New Town with the pomp and splendor of Dilip Babu. However, the state government has made so much publicity about Silicon Valley, no work has started there yet In the words of Dilip Ghosh, ‘Bengal submission is starting today So I think we should visit Silicon Valley once Two or three years ago, it was surrounded by hoardings There are still a couple of Chief Minister’s hoardings, and all of them have disappeared. Cows and goats are roaming in the forest of Hogla, not a single spade has been cut.

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Questioning the success of the World Bengal Trade Conference, Dilip Babu further quipped, “Betrayal of the people of West Bengal has been going on for years. What has been the benefit of the art conference shraddha money? How much did it cost? The people of Bengal should be informed This drama needs to stop The chief minister of this government has no credentials and will anyone do industry in his state? ‘

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The state BJP has always been critical of the World Bengal Trade Conference Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend this year’s conference. According to sources, the Prime Minister was requested not to attend the industry conference on behalf of the BJP MPs in Bengal. In the end, Narendra Modi is not coming to the industry conference

The state government, however, is reluctant to take the opposition’s criticism of the industry conference and the success of Silicon Valley seriously. A few days ago, the state’s industry minister Perth Chatterjee claimed that the state had also received a huge response from the IT sector in the Silicon Valley project. The amount of land initially planned for Silicon Valley is expected to increase with the large number of applications received.

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