Man takes Covid 19 vaccine wearing half pant: The first day he had to return

# Sonarpur: Boral’s Shirshanath Pandit took the vaccine after half pants. He received the vaccine from Rania Health Center in Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality on Wednesday. Shirshanath thanked the media for the vaccine. He also thanked all the health workers of Rania Health Center.

Note that this young man had to come back for the first time to get vaccinated after half pants. No entry into the municipality without decorative clothing! Shirshanath Pandit, a resident of Boral Sardarpara in Sonarpur, could not get vaccinated last Friday due to this rule. He alleged that he went to the Boral office of Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality last Friday with his old mother to get vaccinated. He also had a vaccination coupon. But the municipality staff turned him away from the vaccination camp as he was wearing shorts.

As soon as this incident came to light, there was strong criticism in various quarters about the dress code of Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality. BJP state president Dilip Ghosh also said, “It’s okay not to give vaccines, but can there be any law on vaccines?” Maybe Katmani didn’t get it right. ‘

The young man named Shirshanath Pandit said that he was contacted by the health department after learning about the incident in the media. The health department expressed regret over the incident and asked the youth to go to Rania Health Center for vaccination on that day. Going there, Shirshanath and his father took the vaccine without any hindrance In protest of the incident of the first day, Shirshanath went to get vaccinated after half pants

Happy to be vaccinated, Shirshanath Pandit said, “I hope their policy on clothing will be stopped by the police and Rajpur Sonarpur Municipality will vaccinate people in a fair manner.” I hope no one else has to face the situation that I have to face. ‘ The young man said that he will also get his second dose of vaccine from this health center

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