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Manoranjan Byapari: BJP had offered to join before the vote, given Padma Shri too! Explosive Trinamool MLA


#Kolkata: Manoranjan Byapari, a Trinamool MLA known for his simple life. Occasionally, however, his Facebook posts create a storm of controversy. Sometimes those posts become uncomfortable even for his party grassroots. This time Manoranjan made explosive allegations against the BJP. A Trinamool MLA from Balagarh has alleged that he was invited to join the BJP before the Assembly polls, citing the temptation of a central government award.

On Friday, Manoranjan Bepari wrote on Facebook, “Last year, the Bengal Legislative Assembly was not announced yet. Biswas Babu from Nagpur called me and said that he has been writing for a long time and has received many awards.” But this time you need a central government award. If you join the BJP, I can give you the Padma Shri. ” The award that Kangana Ranaut received, however, did not increase my respect. “(Spelling unchanged)

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The rickshaw is in the assembly this time. The campaign started in Hughli after the party leader Mamata Banerjee announced her name as the Trinamool candidate in Balagarh. Mamata Banerjee also said at the time, “People of the land are a matter of entertainment. He cooks, pulls rickshaws and practices literature. ” Before that, he was made the president of Dalit Sahitya Akademi.

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The family of Manoranjan Bepari came to this country from East Pakistan as Hindu refugees. This Dalit writer has been fighting for his life since then. Sometimes he sold tea, sometimes he worked at the dome, sometimes he worked as a housewife at school, and he also pulled his famous rickshaw for entertainment. His simple lifestyle is USP. Relying on him, he also won from the difficult Balagarh center in the assembly.

And since he became a MLA, he has been running the entire assembly constituency. Bought a Toto. That is the vehicle of the MLA. His simple life is also attracting the people of the area. But his multiple posts have repeatedly sparked controversy. This time the Trinamool MLA made serious allegations against the BJP.

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