#Kolkata: Kolkata Netizens made various comments on his social media post from time to time. But he doesn’t care. He is busy with his constituency, marginalized people and Dalit Sahitya Akademi. This time the practice has started with the vehicle of Manoranjan Byapari, MLA of Balagarh. And he gave his answer on social media.

Manoranjan Byapari, MLA of Balagarh, wrote, ‘Many people are heartbroken to see that car. I’m telling them, don’t google and find out, who owns it? It doesn’t become mine when I press it. Does it mean that I am the owner of them even when I am sometimes on the plane and also on the train?

The Trinamool MLA argued, ‘I have rented that car for five years. Let me tell you one more thing, I used to work in a government job. After leaving any government job, PF can buy a couple of cars with the money he gets from gratuity. My son also works in the government. A car that he can buy. And one more thing, I am the author of Amazon. The money they gave me on the first day of the contract was my two-storey house in Calcutta, but I still had some money. With which the son’s marriage, the daughter-in-law has become a necklace. So walking around wearing fatwa-pajamas does not mean that I am a beggar on the way. I don’t wear expensive clothes. Do not luxuriate. That’s why I don’t want to forget that poor life. ‘

He used to drive a rickshaw for a while. After becoming a Trinamool candidate in the Balagarh assembly constituency, he submitted his nomination papers on the same rickshaw. He also bought a Toto after winning by a huge margin at Balagarh Center. He also promised to reach every corner of his constituency in that vehicle. This time the MLA was seen in the car. And netizens have raised questions about that. The MLA of Balagarh also gave his answer.

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Manoranjan did not deny getting into the car. He wrote on social media, ‘Dear friend, the picture of the vehicle below is mine. I bought it with my hard earned money. Riding it, I can walk around the alleys of Balagarh. Can’t get on Main Road. And don’t go too far. Then when the charge is over, there is a lot of trouble. As I read occasionally. So if I want to go to Kolkata, I have to rent a car to go to different parts of the district at different times. For your information, I am the chairman of Dalit Sahitya Akademi or not, so the whole of West Bengal is my workplace.

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