#Kolkata: The prices of daily necessities are skyrocketing The Chief Minister is also concerned about the rising prices of everything from cooking oil to vegetables, fish and other essentials. This time, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee called a meeting on skyrocketing prices of commodities.

According to Nabanna sources, the meeting is scheduled to be held at Nabanna meeting room tomorrow The Chief Minister directed the officials of the Agriculture Marketing Department to be present at the meeting Besides, officials of various departments including fisheries, food and food supply have been directed to be present Besides, representatives of various business organizations will also be present at the meeting Representatives of the main markets of Kolkata are also expected to be present at the meeting Apart from the Chief Minister, the Chief Secretary, Commissioner of Calcutta Municipality, Commissioner of Police of Kolkata will also be present at the meeting. Talking to all parties, the Chief Minister wanted to know the real reason for the increase in prices He can give necessary instructions based on that

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Petrol-diesel prices have been rising steadily for more than two weeks now Due to which the prices of daily necessities are also going up Products, especially fish and onions, which have to depend on other states, have become more expensive. Because the increase in the price of diesel has increased the transportation cost

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On the other hand, before the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, the price of edible oil has skyrocketed. All in all, the middle class is rising to run the family

The state government has an enforcement branch to control prices in the market It is up to the enforcement branch to see if the daily necessities are being sold at the right prices in the city and district markets. EB officials have raided various markets in the past when the prices of things have gone up EB officials have also been directed to attend the meeting on Thursday

The Chief Minister has also set up a task force in the past to control prices It remains to be seen whether the people of the state will get rid of inflation after his intervention on Thursday.

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