#Kolkata: In the last few months, one fire after another has taken place in Khas Kolkata. Once again today in the heart of the devastating city of fire. On Sunday afternoon, the rhythm was cut in the holiday mood. Again the fire is in Tangra (Tangra Fire). A fire broke out at a factory near Christopher Road in Tangier this afternoon.

According to local sources, a fire broke out in the Christopher Road settlement of Tangra on Sunday afternoon. The place is known as densely populated area. A sudden fire engulfed the area. The people of the area came down in panic. The factory and the adjoining area were seen burning.

Initially, it was learned that the fire brigade arrived immediately after receiving the news, but the fire brigade is struggling to put out the fire as it is a densely populated area. The fire was so fierce that the Lelihan flame could be seen from Sealdah, 3 km away.

Earlier, a terrible fire broke out in Tangra in March. A fire broke out in a textile factory in Meher Ali Lane, causing huge damage. Those memories are still fresh. The settlement was ignited again.

Details coming …

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