#Kolkata: The whole world is enchanted (Durga Puja 2021). Goddess Durga is the goddess of Maya. The illusion is created in this illusion. This time Masterda Smriti Sangha of Keshtpur is presenting the illusion of this temporary visit in an art form. The mandapa (Durga Puja 2021) is being decorated in a postmodern Western art form.

It is said that the lanka of Ravana’s sadha was actually Mayapuri. Goddess Durga used to exist there in the form of Mahamaya. Lankapuri was a city of illusions and Ravana was invincible. Lankapuri was able to cut the magic or illusion by prematurely realizing Ramchandra Devi. The world today is confused. We are wandering in illusion. This year’s theme of Keshtpur Masterda Smriti Sangha is “Illusion” with this Maya magic. The artist has chosen a completely postmodern Western art form for the decoration of the mandapa. Whose name is op-art. Optical Illusion The feature of this art form is to create a visual puzzle between the visible objects.

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The pavilion is getting ready ... The pavilion is getting ready …

The club authorities will take responsibility for the protection of those who come to the mandapa to see the artist’s art on the day of Pujo. Manas Roy is making this world of Maya with a group of young art college students. Don’t forget to visit this pujo once.

Biswajit Saha

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