Medical College: The image of a medical college is tarnished by the irresponsible behavior of a class of employees

Kolkata: As many cases as in Calcutta Medical College. Century-old Calcutta Medical College. Corona has been in the headlines for the last 2 years. Sometimes allegations of untimely death of patients, sometimes allegations of gross negligence towards patients, sometimes allegations of extortion from patients for various reasons. However, in the Corona episode, this medical college hospital has cured many patients and sent them back home. The doctors, nurses and health workers here have treated the patients with their lives. However, the allegations, irresponsible behavior of one class of staff, reckless reckless greed and inhumane treatment of the patients have tarnished the bright image of the medical college.

It has been alleged for the last few days that the blood test is not in the hospital till the general vial. Social activist and lawyer and RTI activist Bishwanath Goswami tweeted about this a few days ago. Bishwanath Babu contacted the Super and Deputy Speaker of the Medical College and informed them about the whole matter. Basically, the vial that is needed to test the clot blood, the vial that is filled with blood in a tube-like thing is taken for the test. Allegedly, the relatives of the patient have to buy this vial from outside shops. Where all kinds of treatment and all kinds of physical examinations should be completely free in government hospitals.

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A relative of a patient named Apurba Das said, “My mother is admitted in the surgery department. I was called from the ward for a blood test. It was written on a white paper to buy 10 vials from outside. It didn’t cost much at first. When all the treatment at the government hospital is free, why do I have to buy these from outside? “

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Masum Akhtar, the father of Shirin Akhtar, a resident of Kharadha, who is undergoing treatment at the Children’s Department, said, “At first I thought it might be a rule to buy blood test vials. Later I found out that everything here is free.

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According to the Calcutta Medical College authorities, this is a very unfortunate incident. We are looking into this matter quickly. There is no reason for this to happen There is no reason to lack Vial in Central Lab. Their idea is that a class of dishonest workers in the ward may be causing this incident. They have promised to take necessary steps.

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