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Medical News | Kolkata: Strong protest against privatization of health services and health education, 6th conference of Kolkata District of Medical Services Center


#Kolkata: Protest against central education policy in medical education. In the name of CBME, the doctors expressed their anger against the control of the central government. Besides, the doctors think that there is a deep conspiracy going on to dismantle the Regional Institute of Ophthalmology or RIO of the medical college. The sixth conference of the Medical Services Center in Kolkata district was held at the Maulali Youth Center in protest of the privatization of health care and health education.

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Coming to the district conference of the Medical Service Center, Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee said that the healthcare system should be developed for the common man. Eminent physician Dr. Alkendu Ghosh said that the health education policy of the country should be developed as usual. So that all people can receive health education and services. Prominent doctors came to the Calcutta Conference at the Medical Service Center and demanded free public health services.

On 11th June, 2022, Kolkata District Conference of Medical Service Center was held at Maulali Youth Center. The conference will focus on anti-public health policies of the central and state governments, privatization of health, attacks on health workers, recruitment of nursing staff as community health officers, conspiracy to dismantle medical college RIO, introduction of health education policy called CBME in medical education, dental, nursing Defects in the education system are opposed.

The right to health is demanded for free health care, improvement of hospital services, benefits including pay as per appropriate pay scale in government service. The conference was attended by many eminent physicians, among them Dr. Sukumar Mukherjee, Dr. Alokendu Ghosh, Dr. Ashok Samanta and Dr. Tarun Mandal. In addition, Dr. Kanti Bhushan Boxi and Dr. Asim Roy Chowdhury, eminent veterans, sent greetings in the video. The conference was attended by around 300 delegates including doctors, nurses, health workers, students and health conscious people.

At the Sixth Conference of the Medical Service Center in Calcutta District, a 106-member Calcutta District Committee was formed with Dr. Parthasarathy Mandal as the President and Dr. Nilratan Naiya as the Secretary. The committee vowed to run medical camps in the future by raising the banner of ethics in medical as well as building a movement to prevent any attack on health.

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