#Kolkata: Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee sat down for direct talks with the agitators to unravel the Deucha Pachami coal mine project. On this day, the Chief Minister had a meeting with the agitators for about half an hour Mamata listened patiently to the demands of the protesters The Chief Secretary was also present at the meeting with the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has told the protesters that no one will be deprived of the Deucha Pachami project, highlighting the positive aspects of the project.

A delegation of those who are still reluctant to give land for the Deucha Pachami project came to Navanne on this day. The Chief Minister spoke to 9 of them In the 30-minute meeting, the agitators told the Chief Minister four points

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After the meeting with the Chief Minister, the agitators also said that by talking directly to the Chief Minister, many misconceptions about the project have been dispelled. They will return to their village and explain the same to the rest of the residents After that, the agitators will inform the administration of their decision

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However, the protesters demanded that the Chief Minister should withdraw the false charges against those who are reluctant to give the land. They welcomed the initiative of the Chief Minister

According to official sources, a total of 3400 acres of land is required for the Deucha Pachami project About four and a half thousand families live in the area where the project is to be developed Of these, 1906 people have given permission to give land Out of 3400 acres, 1000 acres of land is in the hands of the government With the consent of the zamindars, it was possible to get 756.17 acres of land After the meeting with the Chief Minister, the state government is hopeful that the rest of the land will be handed over to the protesters.

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