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Meghalaya Politics And Mukul Sangma: In a month and a half Meghalaya will be covered with Trinamool flag


#Kolkata: One week ago, the Trinamool (TMC) brought a sudden change in the politics of the northeastern state of Meghalaya. True to all speculations, 12 Congress MLAs, including former Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma, have left the Congress and joined the grassroots. The Congress is also a bit embarrassed by the unexpected push. Significantly, during the visit of Trinamool supremo Mamata Banerjee to Delhi, this big participation came to the fore.

On Monday, all these MLAs from Meghalaya came and met Mamata Banerjee and Abhishek Banerjee. Shortly afterwards, former Meghalaya Chief Minister Mukul Sangma said, “In the next 35 to 40 days, grassroots flags will fly across the state. Stay tuned. Are we, the people of the country, really getting justice? Ruling or opposition. Mamata Banerjee will give us justice. So besides Bengal, Shillong will also have a pair of flowers.

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Mukul Sangma, Leader of the Opposition in the Congress-affiliated Legislative Assembly, met reporters in Kolkata on Tuesday. At the press conference, Mukul said, “We were confident that we would come to power in the 2016 assembly elections. But for some reason we did not get an absolute majority, but as a result of the vote, we emerged as the largest party. But you all know how the government was formed in Meghalaya after that. The role of the opposition in democracy is immense. The main responsibility of the opposition is to stop the anti-people activities and expose the mistakes in the government. We have tried to fulfill that responsibility. But I am forced to say that we have not been able to follow the policy of the opposition properly. We had to compromise with the public interest while adhering to the party policy. So we decided to join the grassroots. “

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The main battle in Meghalaya in the 2016 Assembly elections was between the Congress and the National People’s Party. The BJP fought in alliance with the National People’s Party. The Mukul Sangma-led Congress won the largest number of seats in the 60-member assembly in the mountainous state. Congress candidates were elected in 21 seats. On the other hand, NPP got 20 seats, BJP got 2 seats in the alliance. The NPP then formed a government with the support of the BJP and some regional parties. Opposition parties, including the Congress, have accused the NPP of forming the government through massive financial transactions and with the help of the BJP.

In Meghalaya, the opposition was the Congress. Since then, the number of Congress MLAs has come down to 16 as 3 Congress MLAs have joined the ruling camp. Out of those 16 MLAs, 12 will lose the status of the opposition party which has joined the Trinamool Congress. According to sources, Mukul Sangma has already written a letter to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly seeking the status of the Opposition. The Trinamool Congress has already opened a unit in Meghalaya. Charles Pingrope has been named president. Leaders like Sushmita Dev have already left the Congress. Trinamool is also increasing its power in Goa. Moreover, leaders like Kirti Azad have joined the grassroots camp. However, Adhir Chowdhury, president of the provincial Congress, said, “There is a conspiracy to break up the Congress. This conspiracy is going on all over the North East. Didi-Modi has reached an agreement. The Trinamool is breaking up the party to weaken the Congress. I am challenging the Trinamool, ask the participating MLAs to resign, Trinamool leadership. ”

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