#Kolkata: The municipality stopped the new construction work on the drainage canal. Drainage is almost closed during the construction of the metro. The Calcutta Municipality called an emergency meeting on Monday. Apart from the Metro authorities, Cess and KMDA officials were also present at the meeting with Kolkata Municipality officials. Several decisions have been made due to the difficulty of construction.

Mayor’s Council (Sewerage) Tarak Singh said a meeting with Kolkata Municipality Mayor Firhad Hakim and senior officials of the metro authority would be held soon. There will be a final, how to remove the obstruction of the mouth of the sewer canal can be cleaned! Earlier, the Calcutta Municipality had decided on several issues.

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★ A committee will be formed under the leadership of the Municipal Commissioner. The committee will inspect the closed canals and give necessary advice.

নির্মাণ Construction work is not done by closing the mouth of the canal again. If necessary, only the advice of IIT Kharagpur can be accepted.

★ For the time being IC or intercepting canal drainage will be cleaned quickly.

The cyclone season is coming. After that it rained. On the one hand, when there is more rain in the city, there is panic of stagnant water. On the other hand, the cyclone breaks down trees and destroys the city. Therefore, the Calcutta Municipality is preparing in advance to deal with these two. The sewage department of Calcutta Municipality sat in an emergency meeting to prepare for that.

Mayor Tarak Singh said the disaster management system would be streamlined. After two consecutive years of learning from Amphan and Yas, Kolkata Municipality will now form a ward-by-ward disaster management group.

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Training will be made on how to deal with this disaster. Necessary steps can be taken to normalize the city quickly after the disaster. For this, disaster management team will be formed in each ward. This is the first time that there has been a big team before but the idea of ​​a ward based team.

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