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Microphone sitting in the session room of the municipality, the appearance of the room is changing – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Mike had not been in the town hall for so long. There was no microphone in the seat. This time the session room of the municipality is being changed to the Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha session room. Microphones will sit in each seat of the people’s representatives. This time your speech can be easily conveyed to everyone. Many of the words of the session were silenced in the hue and cry. Losing key issues is a waste of time. This time the session will listen to the people’s representatives on the sound system.

The traditional tradition is being changed in the session hall of Calcutta Municipality. From the councilor to the mayor, the microphone will be on the table of the mayor’s council. You do not have to leave the chair to speak on the podium. For so long the mayor, the mayor’s council or the councilor, no one had a microphone in their seat. Chairperson Mala Roy’s seat and microphones were placed on either side of the podium in front. As a result, any councilor or mayor of the ruling or opposition party, the mayor’s council had to come up and say.

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After a long time, that tradition is going to break this time. This time Chairperson Mala Roy herself has taken special initiative to solve the problem of leaving the seats of the people’s representatives and coming up to the podium and saying it again and again. Thoughts are going on that microphones will be installed in every constituency in the style of Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha. Mala Roy herself is an MP. He wants to use that experience in the full session room. So that the people’s representatives can speak in the session sitting on their seats and not coming up.

During the session, questions or answers had to be given and a discussion had to take place on the podium for or against the proposal. In order to solve that problem, an initiative has been taken to install a microphone this time. Lighting department officials visited the session room. The seating or speaking area of ​​the municipal session was all during the British period. He did not change. Repeatedly, it is time consuming and inconvenient for the people’s representatives to get up from their seats and speak. In the Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha, there is a microphone on the table, so it is convenient to work in the sitting room and also saves a lot of time.

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According to municipal sources, discussions are underway on which type of microphone will be used with or without wires. The cost is higher for cordless systems. It can cost around Rs. The cost of installing a cord microphone is much lower. It will cost about 60 lakh rupees. That means a cordless microphone will cost twice as much. However, the municipality will not spend money for this work. Probably this will be done with the MP quota money.

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