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Mid-day Meal || Cooking workers involved in the movement with various demands


#Kolkata: The CPIML Liberation Workers’ Organization (AICCTU) has taken to the streets with various demands of the mill’s cooking workers at Mid. On behalf of the organization, the West Bengal Struggle Cooking Workers Union has organized a sit-in protest on Kolkata’s Y Channel. This position starts on 6th June and will continue till 6th June. Public signatures will be collected from here and sent to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

According to the organization, about two and a half lakh people in the state are involved in the cooking work of Mid Day Meal. But they have been deprived for a long time. Their problems have been reported to the state government more than once but so far no positive response has been received. The organization demands that the salaries of the workers should be increased, even after working for so long, they do not have any identity card and government recognition. Therefore, the government should immediately issue and recognize the identity cards of the workers. Students need to be given nutritious food. That’s why you have to allocate 10 rupees per head. Apart from this, there has been a movement to demand bonuses during the festival and compensation for accidents.

Hundreds of people marched from Sealdah station on Tuesday to join the program on Y Channel. Meena Pal, the state president of the organization, said, “From 2013 to 2022, the cooks associated with Mid Day Meal have been working with a salary of only Tk 1,500. The government has not raised a single penny in this expensive market. We have informed the government several times. However, the government has remained indifferent in this regard. In Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Bihar, money has been increased everywhere. Even in BJP-ruled states like Haryana, salaries have been increased to Rs 7,000.

As well as our statement, it is not possible to provide nutritious food to the students as much as the amount allocated for nutrition. At least 10 rupees per person should be given. We are continuing the movement in this demand. I am staying in Kolkata Y channel for two days. One thousand workers have come here to join the position. We will continue our movement for our demands. I hope the government will comply with our demands. “


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