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Mihir threatens to break leg, BSF passes anti-authority proposal in Assembly – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: As expected, the assembly passed a resolution opposing the expansion of the BSF’s jurisdiction. However, this proposal was passed and the 6th session of the Legislative Assembly became heated At the center of which is the controversial remarks of Udayan Guhar, Trinamool MLA of Dinhata

Allegedly, Udayan, who had just won the recent elections, threatened to break the leg of BJP MLA Mihir Goswami in support of the proposal. Tensions between the ruling and opposition camps erupted over the statement In the midst of this tension, the anti-BSF proposal was passed in the assembly by a margin of 112-83 votes.

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However, the ruling party did not support Udayan Guhar’s remarks Udayan Guhar, however, claimed that he did not break his leg

The central government has recently increased the BSF’s jurisdiction up to 50 km from the border In opposition to this proposal, the state government brought a proposal in the assembly on this day One of the keynote speakers on behalf of the Trinamool Congress was Dinhata MLA Udayan Guha

Speaking on behalf of the proposal, Guha complained, “Smuggling cannot take place without the help of BSF. The BJP wants to run a dual government in Bengal after losing the elections. BJP MLAs strongly opposed Udayan’s remarks An argument broke out between the two sides Shortly afterwards, Udayan Guha addressed Mihir Goswami, a BJP MLA from Kochbihar South, saying, “One leg is broken, the other will be broken.”

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BJP MLAs strongly protested Udayan Guhar’s remarks Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari said, “It was not a MLA but a miscreant.” How can another MLA use such language against one MLA? ‘

Parliamentary Minister Perth Chatterjee has said that the ruling Trinamool Congress is also not supporting Udayan’s remarks. “Whether it’s our party or the opposition, we don’t want anyone to talk outside the culture,” he said. Principal Biman Banerjee also expressed his displeasure over Udayan’s remarks

However, Udayan Guha later claimed, “I never said I would break my arm or leg.” I said once you broke your leg, be careful If you jump, one more foot can be broken He is a man from my district, a veteran MLA, isn’t it my responsibility to break his arm and leg? ‘

Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari also criticized the state government’s proposal He quipped, “Listening to the ruling party legislators, it seems that I am sitting in the legislature of a province of Afghanistan or Pakistan, not India.” The BSF’s jurisdiction should be extended to eighty kilometers.

State Council Minister Perth Chatterjee, however, said, “This is not a proposal against the BSF. This decision would break the federal system of the state This decision is also against the BSF law. “

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