Milk Powder adulteration racket: Kolkata Police Enforcement Branch raids in Barabazar

Kolkata: Milk Powder adulteration racket was caught in the operation of Enforcement Branch of Kolkata Police. It is learned that he was caught by the police while dealing in adulteration. One accused has been arrested. This incident took place in Raja Katra of Burrabazar area. The Raja Katra building has plenty of godowns. It is alleged that the crime cycle of adulteration of regular food was going on in those godowns.

For some time now, the detectives of the enforcement branch have come to know that the powdered milk of a reputed company was being sold at a wholesale price below the fixed price. Detectives had information that a trader was selling cheap powdered milk and arrowroot mixed with powdered milk under the name of a well-known company.

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Detectives arrived at the spot after receiving information through sources. Allegedly, Pradeep Dutt, the owner of the godown, was packing powdered milk with adulterated products behind closed doors.

“The businessman is cheating the common man. I am sending the milk to the laboratory for testing,” said Yugalkishore Dam, an official at the enforcement branch. Under the leadership of Yugalkishorbabu, adulterated circles are slowly being caught in different parts of Kolkata.

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But the allegation is that the unscrupulous traders are moving to another place as soon as the police step in one place In Barabazar, Posta, Raja Katra and Nimtala, the heart of business in Kolkata, a cycle of food adulteration has sprung up like a frog’s umbrella. Allegedly, retailers are buying adulterated food at lower prices for more profit. And selling in the general market. Ordinary people are being affected. What is the way to save them from such a cycle? The crowd standing in the street was asking questions. The answer is still elusive

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