#Kolkata: This time Minister Shobhandev Chattopadhyay wrote a poem about the governor. The minister has published a book of poems called Stabdha Prithibi. A poem called ‘His Excellency’ has been published in that book. In that poem, Minister Sobhandeb Chatterjee (Sobhandeb Chatterjee On Jagdeep Dhankhar) did not name Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar. This poem is on page 72 of the book Stabha Prithibi.

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This 19-line poem has been attacked in various parts. His Excellency the poem reads, “Your Excellency, you may be unique as an outstanding lawyer, but the lack of sense of justice can be seen in the eyes of time. With the passage of time, who will tell the wrong time, then either His Majesty will understand the calculation. In order to win the war, unity must be built. People will remember you in that good morning to save the state. “

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Why did he write this poem (Sobhandeb Chatterjee On Jagdeep Dhankhar)? According to Shobhandev Chattopadhyay, people have had to go through a lot of hardships in a cowardly situation. Multiple people had multiple difficulties. The government has made every effort to alleviate the plight of the people of the state. Even after this, by not responding to the call of the people of the state, a person in a constitutional position has behaved like himself. He continues to oppose all activities of the state. But he is never seen helping the state in its needs. So write this poem. Sobhandev Chattopadhyay has mentioned in his poem that infinite power is in the hands of the governor. Because he is the leader of the state. By exercising that power, he could stand by the side of the kingdom. Then people will remember him

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