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minor boy death in kolkata shrouded in mystery – News18 Bangla


#Kolkata: Doubts over the death of a minor student were raised among family members. Allegedly, the father of the deceased himself has a hand in death! And so before the cremation, the police of Netajinagar police station in South Kolkata sent the body from Keoratala crematorium to the morgue of SSKM for autopsy. Exactly what caused the death of the minor, will be understood only after the autopsy report.

Snehanshu Sengupta, 18, a resident of Nakatala, died on Friday. On the 11th, Snehanshu was admitted to MR Bangur Hospital in critical condition. As his condition continued to deteriorate, he was shifted to Chittaranjan Hospital on the 20th. Snehanshur died today. After this, Pistuto Didi Indrani Gupta Mukherjee complained that the father had ‘killed’ the boy with an overdose of drugs! When a complaint was lodged at Netajinagar police station, the body was sent from the crematorium to the morgue. There will be an autopsy tomorrow.

Snehanshu’s Pistuto Didi Indrani Gupta Mukherjee alleged, “Snehanshu’s father Shishir Kumar Sengupta got remarried and abused his son a lot.” The arrow of accusation is towards Shishir Kumar Sengupta, his counter-allegation is that sister Indrani wanted to take her son. Nana would give advice, as a result the boy would cause great unrest in the house.

According to family sources, Shishirbabu is not currently associated with any profession. In the past, he worked as a manager in a private company in Saudi Arabia. His first wife died in 2014. He later got married for the second time. Snehanshu’s sister Sriparna said that after her mother died, two brothers and sisters lived in PC’s house for two years. Didi claims that everything that Indrani is complaining about her brother’s death is ‘false’. Sriparna also said that in those two years, her father sent 22,000 rupees to PC from abroad. But Sriparna claims that the PC used to tell them that the father did not send any money.

Police officials said the next step would be taken on the basis of the final report of the autopsy.


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