Mir Afsar Ali Shares life experience on facebook post gave advice | People near you do not have Alzheimer’s? This is the first time I’ve read this post

#Kolkata: Almost every morning, Mir (Mir Afsar Ali) posts something on Facebook. Smiling, always charming Mir but found today in a completely different mood. Why did he suddenly write, “Time is precious. Learn to understand its value. Make the people around you more your own today.” In fact, Mir Afsar Ali gave this message to the fans on the World Alzheimer’s Awareness Day on Tuesday. Told the story of the father.

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Mir (Mir Afsar Ali) said in his Facebook post, “People close to him, how the memory of his father’s life has faded a little bit.” He wrote, “Father’s birthday is April 4th. Five years ago, I asked my father what birthday present he wanted. I have a hobby of watches, a variety of models. Foreign watches are my special weakness. The watch from me. Dad smiled and said, “It’s not the watch, father, give me some time.”

Then Mir told about his father’s dementia. He wrote, “The more I remember the incident, the more vague it is in my father’s memory. My father has been battling dementia for the last 4 years. I don’t remember anything. Day, year, time – there is no special knowledge of anything. Yes, you can still recognize me. Call by name. Dad responds. The treatment is going on. I am optimistic. I have great faith in the doctors. ”

If you have someone at home who can’t concentrate on work (World Alzheimer’s Awareness Day) and forget everything one by one, Mir advises you not to neglect them. Awareness Day) The star said that he would make it more his own. Finally he wrote, “All will be well.”

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