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Mirror Man: Heart-liver-gallbladder-appendix opposite body, how are the mirror people of Kolkata?


#Kolkata: When a patient was admitted to Amri Hospital in Mukundpur with abdominal pain, the doctors examined him and were surprised. Many of them read this subject while studying medical science. But in reality, many people did not think that he would have to face. One in every twenty thousand people in the world has this condition. Heart, liver, gallbladder, appendix are all normal. (Mirror Man)

The mirror man. Apart from this, what else can be said. Like the story of Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay’s hedgehog thorn, the heart of many is on the right instead of the left. But so to speak, the heart, liver, gallbladder, appendix, spleen or spleen, stomach are all on the opposite side. Apurba Kumar Goswami, a resident of Kasbar and an employee of a private company, was caught at the age of 4 on the opposite side of the heart. Then his life was going on at normal pace. If the abdominal pain started suddenly for the last 6,7 months, the local doctors would often reduce it with muscle pain medication.

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He was admitted to Amri Hospital in Mukundpur on the advice of his wife due to unbearable abdominal pain and fever a month ago. Doctors can find out about the exceptions of his body there. In medical terms it is called ‘Citus Inversus Totalis’. All the organs of the body are on opposite sides. The heart, liver, lungs, appendix, gallbladder are all opposite. Physicians diagnose this condition through endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography or ERCP examination. One in twenty thousand people have such a situation. If caught late, there is a problem of treatment.

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Amri Hospital’s General Surgeon Susan Jeet Prasad Mahato said, “Apurba Goswami’s gallbladder was congested due to the delay. Apurba Goswami. On the other hand, Dr. Gautam Das, Senior Consultant, Department of Gastroenterology, said, “I have not witnessed any such incident in my long medical life. I have read about the treatment of this type of patient in various journals, but when I look at this situation after examining the ERCP, I am really shocked. However, after this surgery, Apurba Goswami was healed and I am really satisfied. “

However, Apurba Goswami could not have imagined that he would have to face such an experience at the age of 34. Thinking that this is a gift from God, Apurba is recovering and giving all the credit to the doctors. Apurba Kumar Goswami says, “The condition of my body was first noticed in the way my wife Amrita was taken to the hospital after suffering from stomach ache. But I will never forget the way the doctors, nurses and health workers stood by me and my family.”

Doctors say that Mirror Man has to go around with an eye card in his chest. Where all the limbs will be written opposite. So that if you suddenly fall ill on the road in the future, if you go to the doctor or hospital, you will not have any problem.

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