# North 24 Parganas: Three passengers were detained for a long time at Kolkata Airport for allegedly behaving rudely with a flight attendant in mid-air. After verbal apology, the passengers were released with a written bond. The incident took place at the international terminal of Calcutta Airport. The plane took off from Abu Dhabi in two 36 minutes instead of one ten minutes in the afternoon.

Allegedly, while the flight attendants were giving food to the passengers shortly after take-off, the three passengers spoke harshly to the flight attendants on various issues. When a flight attendant protested, three accused passengers treated her rudely. The three passengers also got into a quarrel with the other passengers. The news of this tumultuous quarrel reached the pilot in the middle of the sky. He heard from the flight attendants exactly what had happened inside the plane. The plane touched down in Kolkata at around 8 pm, about 36 minutes late. The pilot complained to the airport authorities in Kolkata about the rude behavior of the three passengers. The news also reached the CISF, which is in charge of security.

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The jawans detained the three accused passengers Kalpeshwar Purohit, Saud Hussain and Rahul Kumar Agarwal while they were leaving the terminal. After realizing their mistake, the three passengers apologized. They give a written bond saying that they will never do that again. They were then allowed to leave the terminal at 9:15 p.m.

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In many cases, passengers are seen behaving rudely when they see flight attendants. In that case they also have problems in providing services. Respecting the professional work of these flight attendants, if the passengers are restrained in their behavior, they will not face any difficulty in providing proper service, said a flight attendant who did not want to be named.

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