Moon Moon Sen and Subrata Mukherjee: L ‘Chowdhury Pharmaceuticals’ memories back, Moonmoon touches friend’s forehead and sheds tears

#Kolkata: Actress Moonmoon Sen mourns the death of her friend. On the night of the Bengali festival of lights, Minister of State Subrata Mukherjee passed away. The national flag will be hoisted at half-mast in all state government offices today to pay homage to him. Subrata Mukherjee was loved by everyone irrespective of party affiliation. The body of late Panchayat Minister Subrata Mukherjee was lying in Rabindra Sadan till 2 pm. From there, his funeral will be at Keoratala Mahasmashan, Vidhan Sabha, Goriyahat Bari, Ekdalia Evergreen Club. Meanwhile, actress and former Trinamool MP Moonmoon Sen paid her last respects to her one-time colleague and close friend Subrata Mukherjee at Rabindra Sadan. Many people and political leaders and activists, regardless of party affiliation, gathered at Rabindra Sadan to pay their last respects to the beloved leader.

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He was not only a veteran politician or a successful mayor of Kolkata but also a skilled panchayat minister of the state. Apart from him, Subrata Mukherjee was also one of the most colorful politicians in the state. And the words of another Subrata Mukherjee are also coming up in the discussion about his ‘colorful’ life. That Subrata Mukherjee Actor entered the drawing room of Bengali as the protagonist of the serial.

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After the demise of Subrata Mukherjee (Subrata Mukherjee Demise), the name of the series ‘Chowdhury Pharmaceuticals’ has come up again and again. In that serial, Moonmoon Sen acted opposite Subrata That Moonmoon Sen Reaction on Subrata Mukherjee’s demise said, “The mood is very bad. I can’t say anything.” The pain of losing a friend was in my throat

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But Moonmoon could not stay without seeing that friend. He appeared in Rabindra Sadan. In addition to paying homage with flowers, friend Munmun Sen was seen turning his hand on Subrata’s head. After a while he left Rabindra Sadan. Then the body of Subrata Mukherjee was taken to the assembly.

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