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Moon Moon Sen on Subrata Mukherjee Demise: Moon Bad Sen


#Kolkata: Just a veteran politician? Only successful mayor of Kolkata? Skilled Panchayat Minister of the State. Apart from him, Subrata Mukherjee was one of the most colorful politicians in the state. And another Subrata Mukherjee is coming up in the discussion about his ‘colorful’ life. Subrata Mukherjee Actor who entered the inner court of Bengalis as the protagonist of the serial.

After the demise of Subrata Mukherjee (Subrata Mukherjee Demise), the name of the series ‘Chowdhury Pharmaceuticals’ is coming back again and again. In that serial, Moonmoon Sen acted opposite Subrata The Moon Moon Sen Reaction on Subrata Mukherjee Demise. Just said from the other end of the phone, “I’m in a bad mood. I can’t say anything.” The pain of losing a friend in the throat 6

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A few days ago, the famous serial of the nineties was practiced on social media. Because Sudipa Chatterjee evoked the memory of hero Subrata Mukherjee on social media.

Critical Subrata Mukherjee: There is a lot of talk about stopping this word, at Mamata Banerjee’s residence in Kalighat. Sudipa was present there then. Even then it was not known. If we want to discuss the name of Subrata Mukherjee in a few moments, we have to use the word ‘late’. Subrata Mukherjee was a leader in the field of politics. Most people are aware of his political career. But did everyone know that Subrata Mukherjee has also acted in the series? Everyone who knew them today is busy reminiscing.

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Moonmoon Sen was opposite Subrata Mukherjee. The talk of Subrata Babu’s celluloid journey at that time came up once again on Sudipa Chatterjee’s Facebook wall. Sudipa shared a picture on Facebook in which Sourav Ganguly, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Subrata Mukherjee and Sudipa themselves are captured in one frame. Sudipa threw a question to her social media friends. Asked, “Which of these has been the first to shoot as a‘ hero ’for television? In which serial? Can you tell? Take a good look at the picture, think a little and answer. ‘

Net citizens answered with Sudip’s comment box. Subrata Babu made his debut as a hero on Doordarshan opposite Munmun Sen. The name of the series was ‘Chowdhury Pharmaceuticals’. “The shooting took place in the swimming pool of Taliganj Golf Club,” a netizen wrote in Sudip’s comment box. I had the good fortune to be there and Subrata was eating biryani to everyone that day. ”

After 14 episodes, the series stopped broadcasting. It was claimed that the original idea was being diverted or the series was being shown in a different way. The director and producer of the series was Agnidev Chatterjee, who is also Sudip’s husband.

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