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More than double the crowd suffocation situation, AC did not work!


#Kolkata: Did a suffocating situation arise on Nazrul Mancha on Tuesday with huge crowd? Similar allegations are coming from different sources This time the allegation was sealed by the KMDA staff in charge of Nazrul Manch.

Allegedly, the Nazrul Mancha was so crowded on Tuesday that all the doors of the auditorium had to be opened despite the AC running. Even the spectators sighed in the heat due to the huge crowd when they went to watch the program

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KK7 came on stage at a function at Gurudas College on Tuesday Allegedly, the crowd at Nazrul Mancha was close to two and a half thousand but the crowd was more than double. According to the KMDA staff in charge of Nazrul Manch, there are a total of 2462 seats in Nazrul Manch. But the crowd more than doubled The worker said that the crowd was so large that all the doors had to be opened The worker also claimed that the AC did not work due to overcrowding

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Allegedly, many people entered the Nazrul Mancha on Tuesday to listen to KK’s songs without passing the program The KMDA official also said that many people left the audience during the program on Tuesday and moved closer to the stage. Many people even crowd on both sides of the stage Sometimes KK7 goes to a certain room behind the stage to rest for a while Many KK fans complain that KK feels sick while singing in such an uncomfortable environment. This situation could have been avoided if the event had taken place in a large stadium or open space

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However, artist Shubhalakshmi sang before KK on Tuesday However, he claimed that despite the crowd, he did not feel sick when he saw KK during the ceremony

However, the police are investigating all these aspects Police will also examine the CCTV footage of the hotel where KK stayed at Dharmatala. Because KK6 returned to the hotel after the ceremony There he became more ill Police are also trying to get various information by talking to the hotel staff Investigators want to know who first saw the artist fall ill inside the hotel, when KK returned to the hotel after the ceremony. KK’s body will be autopsied today to find out the real cause of death

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