By: Mahiyan Chakrabarti

“Rajnandini” a hindi feature film by Tanmoy Roy, produced by Sudhir Dutta and presented by D. Sudhir Productions, is all set for the Pan-India release on 13th May. This Hindi version of bilingual film stars, Debolina Dutta in and as ‘Rajnadini’, along with Sudesh Berry, Amita Nangia, Nafe Khan, Lasley Tripathy, Biswajit Chakrabarti, Santana Basu, Kishore Nandulaskar and other casts. The cinematography of the movie has been handled by Kumud Verma.

The story of the movie written by Sudhir Dutta, has many twists and turns along with paranormal activities and reincarnation,making the movie an interesting watch.

A Treasure Hunter, Retd. Prof. of Archaeology, Prof. Fernandez, seizes the opportunity to lead two groups of college students in an excursion to Neel Haveli, a fully haunted century old king’s mansion in Kishangunj, where the walls whisper a very sad, sordid and gory history of betrayal, lust, greed, hate and death. The professor searches for a gem studded shrine of “Radha Madhab” believed to be hidden somewhere in the haveli.
History reveals its bloodied fangs of mysticism and paranormal phenomenon – Rahul, a reborn into the present era, a student leader, vanishes away with the spirit of his previous birth’s ladyove, the king’s daughter, Rajnandini – but not before the professor and nearly all students meet unnatural and ghastly deaths at the hands of the fiery spirits of the haunted mansion. Only Raj and Payel, two students, somehow, luckily escape to lament and tell the world.

Producer Sudhir Dutta, who happens to be the music director of the movie is a Tabla maestro who was born in a famous musical family. His father Lt.Pandit
Dhurjjati Sekhar Dutta a distinguished Tabla Nawaz, taught him to play the first beats of
rhythm. Later he was blessed with the lessons, morals and cultures of the legendary
Tabla Maestro Pandit Dharamnath Singh, Pandit Dulal Natto and Pandit Kumar
Bose of Farrakabad Gharana, Delhi Gharana and Beneras Gharana respectively.
Sudhir Dutta started giving public performances at his very tender age in places like Dovarlane
Music Conference, ITC Sangeet Research Acamedy, Doon School Of Dehra Dun, ONGC
Annual Conference, DVC Recreation Club and in many other renowned places all over
India and abroad .
He has his own style of playing table which has won the heart of millions of people all
over the country. His master strokes
have also won appreciation from Legends like Pandit Kumar Bose, Pandit Dulal
Natto, Pandit Manas Chakroborty, Ustad Maskur Ali Kha, Ustad Mubarak Ali Kha, Pandit A.T. Kanan & Malabika Kanan, Ajay Kichlu & Bijay Kichlu to name a few. At present he is involved in
many Bengali Flims and Serials as Music Director. He was nominated as Best Composer of the year 2017 for Mirchi Music Award. The previous film “Sesh Chithi” produced by Sudir Dutta, had a prestigious entry in Multicultural Film Festival, Toronto in 2018.

” Rajnandini” the hindi version was supposed to be released two years back. But due to pandemic it is releasing on 13th May. The Bengali version “Rahasyamoyee Rajnandini” will hit the silver screen later this year.

Sudhir Dutta certainly deserves an applause, for making a double version movie and ultimately having a theatrical release of the same after waiting for nearly two years. This sort of determination will definitely indulge more producers to venture during these difficult times and make as many theatrical releases as possible, to take the industry to where it belonged.


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