Mumbai, Delhi Planes To Land In Kolkata Thrice A Week: Mumbai

#NewDelhi: Flights can be operated from Mumbai and Delhi to Kolkata three days a week, not two days. The Home Secretary of the state informed the Secretary to the Minister of Aviation. Earlier, the state had said that from January 5, flights from Mumbai and Delhi would be able to land at Kolkata airport twice a week. The state has again reviewed the decision and said that the flight will be operated for three days instead of two days.

Flights from Delhi and Mumbai will land in Kolkata on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the state said. This new guideline must be followed from January 5. Earlier, it was reported that flights from Mumbai and Delhi would be able to reach Kolkata on Monday and Friday. However, the decision has been made in the end. The state government had taken such a decision keeping in mind the increasing incidence of corona infection in the state. The cowardly situation in Maharashtra is now the most worrying situation in the country. Corona’s new strain of Omicron has been most prevalent in Maharashtra.

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Delhi is in second place. The Corona situation there is also quite worrying. Meanwhile, the Delhi government has issued curfew orders over the weekend. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal himself is not affected. The Union Health Ministry has also expressed concern over the corona situation in Kolkata, like in Delhi and Mumbai. So the state government wanted to rush the flight from Mumbai and Delhi to Kolkata. So that the infection does not spread.

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Earlier, the state government had rushed to run local trains. It was earlier reported that the local train would run till 7 pm. Needless to say, the state took such a decision to prevent corona infection. However, the news of the train movement up to seven hue and cry fell. The train started to get very crowded. As a result, the state changed its decision. Local trains were announced to run till 10 pm instead of 7 pm. Ordinary people have got some relief in that.

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