#Kolkata: In the very state of re-voting. After the assembly elections and the by-elections in two phases, this time the municipal election in the state. If the BJP plays the drums of the whole fight before the pre-vote fight in EVM. However, this fight is in the courtroom. Legal fight. On Tuesday, BJP state vice-president Pratap Banerjee sought permission from the state’s chief justice Prakash Srivastava to file a public interest litigation at the same time as all pre-polls. After hearing the petition, the chief justice also allowed the BJP to file a public interest litigation. The BJP’s public interest litigation has sought a simultaneous pre-vote in all the expired municipalities across the state.

The BJP leader complained that the citizens of Kolkata and Howrah were being deprived of full services before the polls. Brajesh Jha, a lawyer for the public interest litigant, said: We will present this argument in the court.

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A two-judge public interest litigation is likely to be held in the Chief Justice’s Division Bench on Thursday. A fierce legal battle is raging in the High Court over the 2016 panchayat elections. The Calcutta High Court has been responsible for unprecedented instruction and service in recent times.

The State Election Commission was forced to change the schedule under pressure from the High Court. Pratap Bandyopadhyay also led the legal battle of Seba Gerua Shibir. The BJP could not field candidates in many places in the panchayat polls. Opponents allege terrorism. The BJP state president has earlier demanded adequate security for the central government. BJP state vice-president Pratap Bandyopadhyay, who appeared in the High Court on Tuesday, said the list of new voters would be released in January. In order to give them a chance to vote, a pre-vote should be held all over the state in February.

Why BJP is seeking pre-vote in February. The perception of the political circles is that even after the assembly elections, the morale of the BJP lower-level organization is low in the by-elections. New voters will not be able to vote. This is the strategy of backing the vote to stop the bleeding of the organization. Geruya Shibir is now desperately trying to strengthen the organization through small interest movement on the one hand and small movement on the other. The future will be answered by the BJP vice-president who sparked that speculation before the pre-poll in February.

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